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Creating and Adding External Tools

The External Tools utility allows ATutor administrators and instructors to link external tools into ATutor, and to associate those tools with content as learning activities. External tools that support the LTI 1.0 tool provider standard may be added to content here.

Setup A New External Tool

  1. Title: Enter a name for the tool being created in the title field
  2. ToolID: Create an ID for the tool that will be unique across all tools on the system (e.g. any unique string will do
  3. Description: Describe the tool, its function, and how it might be used.
  4. Tool Launch URL: Copy the URL of the tool's LTI launch location. Ensure there is no space at the end of the URL (see the Sample LTI Tool below for demo purposes)
  5. Enter the Tool Key and secret
  6. Set various options and Save

External Tool Options

These values may be set by the administrator or the administrator may allow the instructor to set these values in content items.

Required Settings

Optional External Tool Settings

LTI Resources

Sample LTI Tool for Testing/Demo Purposes. Copy this URL, and its associated key and secret, into the corresponding fields in the Create External Tool screen to setup a simple demonstration tool.
secret: secret

Tools Currently with LTI Provider Capability

A current list of LTI conformant systems can be found at:

More about the LTI Standard

Here are a couple videos with more information:

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